Wheel Horse 48v lead acid gel conversion

We started with unknown year wheel horse, and stripped her down to the frame. 48 volt lead acid conversion was the most logical step. The tractor is as solid as they ever came , and has a 3 speed transmission with a high and a low speed.
For the conversion we used MK lead acid gel cells, similar to AGM. They are not a high discharge battery, but they are capable of deep cycles, and quite a few charges. Plus, we had several of them lying around.

The motor is a crown forklift pump unit


The motor controller is an Alltrax model, with a 300 amp peak . The controller has a usb port and some nice software to hook up a laptop.


Gotta love seeing a 70’s garden tractor with a laptop hooked up to it, telling it what to do. We are not finished yet, and we are now working on the headlights and arduino controlled, rgb,under hood LED voltage indicator .